The Impact of Mouthguards Materials and Design on the Comfort of Mouthguards


Mouthguards are fantastic products for people looking to protect their teeth, either from grinding in their sleep, or from injury or damage during physical activity and exertion.

As great as mouthguards can be, not all devices are created equally, which is why you must pay close attention to the products you’re purchasing, along with the mouthguards materials that are being used in the mouthguard in the first place.

Because mouthguards are made from different materials and to different specs, with various mouthguards colours to choose from, choosing the correct contraction for your teeth is crucial. You may not realise it, but because Australian mouthguards come in so many different shapes, sizes, and designs, and are made from so many different materials, the type that you choose can have a massive impact on the comfort and functionality of the device.

Here's a look at the impact of mouthguards material and design on the overall comfort of mouthguards.


The materials of mouthguards

To begin with, we need to understand that not all mouthguards are created equal.

Different manufacturers of mouthguards will use different materials when making their products. Each material has different properties.

Some products are made from things such as vinyl, rubber, and thermoplastics, whereas others are made from more durable materials like acrylic resin, or UPVC. Naturally the mouthguards materials used to make each device will affect the overall feel, fit, and comfort of the device.

Mouthguards made from flexible materials such as rubber for example, will likely feel softer in the mouth, which may make them more comfortable. The downside however, is that they won’t be as strong or as durable.

Softness, flexibility, and durability will all impact how the mouthguard feels. If you suffer with allergies, it is also always best to speak to your dentist and discuss the hypoallergenic options available to you.

Material for the tools that are used in fabrication and maintenance of mouthguards is also important where tools such as boxes, soft brushes, and burs all ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the mouthguard. While discs and gloves are also being used to ensure the comfort and hygiene when working on the maintenance.


Mouthguard design

As important as the mouth guards materials are in determining how a mouth guard functions, the design is equally as important, if not more so.

Australian mouthguards come in a variety of designs, so finding one which suits your teeth and your mouth is therefore essential.

Thicker mouthguards for example, will offer more protection for the teeth, mouth, and jaw, but they will likely feel more uncomfortable and may affect your breathing. Ideally you want a mouthguard custom made by your dentist specifically for you. This will be made from impressions taken of your teeth, so you can guarantee it will be a perfect fit.

A well-designed, custom made mouthguard will not only offer maximum levels of protection for your teeth and mouth, it will also feel comfortable, stay in place, not affect breathing, and serve its primary function. 


3D printed and custom made mouthguards

Custom Made Mouthguards

While boil and bite and stock mouthguards are useful if you have nothing else, if given the choice you should always visit a professional dentist and then create a custom fit 3D printed mouthguard for you.

Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth before sending it to their dental lab. Next a mouthguard mould will be made from strong, durable material. Because it is made from a direct impression of your teeth, this means that it will fit as close to perfect as you can get.

Because of the advancements in modern technology, 3D printed mouthguards can be custom made and tweaked with the click of a button. This will not only ensure that the mouthguard feels comfortable and stays in place, it also means that the mouthguards materials will last a long time and offer the oral protection that they should.


Colour Combinations for mouthguards

Different Colour Mouthguards

By having a custom made mouthguard, you can have it designed the way you want, even down to the mouthguard colours. Your dentist will show you a simple mouthguard colour list or chart and you can pick a colour that appeals to you.

The commonly used colour combinations can be single colour, two-tone colour or mixing multi-color. Custom design can also be done by a professional designer if you want your mouthguard to be truly unique. This level of personalization, combined with the comfort and protection, is why custom-made 3D printed mouthguards are the way to go.


Why search for a professional dental consultation is so important

Mouthguards are designed to protect the teeth, jaw, and mouth. Not only can they prevent dental emergencies, they can also help prevent teeth grinding and clenching, and the damage that they cause.

Mouthguard material sheets come in different designs, as do the mouthguards themselves. Contact and speak to a dentist you can let them know your concerns, ask questions, and ask for their recommendations.

Dentists know that comfort is a huge factor to consider when it comes to designing a mouthguard, so they will work as closely with you throughout the process as possible, to ensure the mouthguard not only offers maximum orofacial protection, but to ensure that it feels comfortable as well.

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