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How Much Does an Occlusal Splint Cost in Perth?


As the global dentistry industry continues to expand and evolve, more and more patients are requiring dental splints to rectify a wide range of dental issues. From overbites and bruxism to misaligned teeth and jaw clenching, dental splints are contraptions that work wonders.

While there are a number of dental splints out there, with each one being similar to the last, occlusal splints are arguably the most common, and also the most important as far as general oral health is concerned.

Occlusal splints can help treat and prevent a wide range of dental issues, but what are the different types and how much does an occlusal splint cost in Perth?

What is an occlusal splint?


An occlusal splint is sometimes called a ‘bite splint’ and it is basically a custom-made device made from acrylic or resin that fits over the teeth. Specifically, it fits over the incisal and occlusal surfaces of the mandibular or maxillary teeth.

Most commonly used for health purposes, these splints are often worn to help treat and prevent TMJ/TMD, bruxism, neck pain, headaches, jaw disorders, and other similar conditions.

What’s interesting is the fact that, in the past, occlusal splints were used as treatments, whereas now, more and more dentists are using them as preventative measures to essentially help prevent the aforementioned conditions before they occur.

Is an occlusal splint the same as a mouthguard or night guard?


Though they look similar, and fit similarly, mouthguards and night guards are not the same as occlusal splints.

Mouthguards for example, are designed to protect the teeth from trauma and are removable, an occlusal splint however, is similar to a night guard in that it is designed to protect the teeth from the ill effects of grinding in the form of bruxism. Occlusal splints, however, also serve multiple other purposes too.

Types of occlusal splints


We’ll get to the question of how much does an occlusal splint cost in a few moments, but first, we need to look at the different types available.

Some of the most common types of occlusal splint include the following:

Hard splints


Hard splints are made from hard resin or acrylic materials and are designed to withstand a lot of punishment.

These splints are best for people who suffer with extreme bruxism or similar conditions.


Soft/hard splints


These splints are strong and durable, but just not as strong and durable as hard splints.

Usually these are made from hard acrylic, and a combination of softer resin or plastic materials to give them a bit more give. These are best for people who suffer with mild/moderate bruxism.


Soft 3D printed


These dental splints utilise a fully biocompatible soft resin that is ideal for 3D printing. This resin is much softer and therefore so are the splints. These are great for mild cases of bruxism or teeth clenching.

Custom splints


Finally, good dentists will be able to make custom splints specifically for each patient they see. These are designed to fit the patient’s mouth perfectly and are made from materials which the dentist deems suitable for the patient and their level of bruxism.

How much does an occlusal splint cost in Perth?

Though prices can vary, occlusal splints from reputable names such as Dental Armour cost from as little as $399.00.

Is an occlusal guard worth it?


If you suffer with bruxism, headaches, teeth grinding, overbite, or any other similar condition, an occlusal splint can provide a significant amount of treatment and protection.

Health insurance rebate

Did you know, that right now thanks to a health insurance rebate, you could claim up to 100% of the cost of the treatment back from your health insurer on the spot there and then?

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